it is a zoo in here....

I was inspired by Sherry at this young house and her post about ceramic animals. I want to be in the club.

Johnathan Adler hippo from baby geared

sweet lucy from the runny bunny

horse from Horchow

Elephant bank from Pieces

vintage monday...

I love these vintage finds from etsy....

Vintage Globe from sweetshorn ::

ceramic bamboo b
owl from high street market ::

white pottery trays
from retro cycle ::

aluminum tumblers from pony party ::

chicken little...

love this...

from Hudson

no bad luck...

There will be no bad luck with these Baroque mirrors.. however you may go broke buying these.

from Horchow 499

from Brocade Home 499

from Anthropologie 998



Harry Allen's Rollerstop Bookend/Doorstop

from a+r store


I love this idea... and a great deal at $14

from dandee designs on etsy.


Wow - look at these Marc Jacob crystal flowerpots

They are pretty cool - but pretty pricey -the 8in pot is $350. I actually have one that looks almost identical (not crystal) from IKEA. I love seeing the dirt through the clear planter.

Speaking of IKEA planters - check out this set of VAREN planters.

Set of 3 only 15.99! Awesome.

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